Core Account Investment Vehicle Interest Rate Chart for Brokerage Retirement Accounts 

The rate and fee for the Insured Cash Account Program (“Program”) as of August 14, 2019 are set forth below; interest accrues daily and is paid monthly. Amounts reflecting interest paid will be presented on your brokerage account statements. The rate and fee are subject to change at any time, without notice to you, and will vary. For the current rate and fee, please contact your Investment Representative. 

Program Rate as of August 14, 2019 

 Insured Cash Account Program Deposit Account Total Balance 


All balances greater than $0* 



Monthly Program Fee as of August 14, 2019 


See below for important fee information. 

*Individual Deposit Account balances over $1.5 million are in excess of the Maximum Applicable FDIC Deposit Insurance Amount and may not be eligible for FDIC insurance coverage. 

**Fee is expected to be covered by interest generated by participating banks.